Canada’s Most Trusted Real Estate Commission Advance Service

Fast Lane Advances allows real estate agents to receive their commission sooner. We provide real estate commission advances before closing for immediate access to the money you’ve worked hard for.
Our revolutionary service is not only fast, affordable, but also gives you the ability to take control over your cash flow. Funds will be deposited to your account the same business day.
When you sell a home, instead of waiting weeks or months to be paid, you can receive an advance and get paid right away.

Fast Lane Advance offers; control, speed, convenience, peace of mind, and superior security.

Fast Approval Process
Submit your application and get your commission advance within 3 business hours. That how fast we are! Let us help you balance your cash flow by giving you the control over your income.

Easy & Affordable
Worried about high-interest advances on credits cards and loans? Fast Lane Advance does not just have a fast approval process but guarantees low rates. This means you get to enjoy your real estate commission advance when you need it at your convenience.

No Strings Attached
That’s right! Approval for real estate commissions advances for Canadian REALTORS®is based on your real estate sale and not on your personal credit history.
No verification, No delays- Your money is just a few mouse clicks away.

Secure & Confidential
At Fast Lane Advances, we guarantee a quick, secure, and discreet process. Your privacy is always our number 1 priority.

Having assisted several REALTORS® get there commission advance in Canada, Fast Lane Advances understands your needs and offers great service and quality support throughout the process to ensure that you get your money on time.



*Certain conditions may apply.

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